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Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure

MediaDNA shares customers' concerns about Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance issues. Therefore, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that our internal information systems and our physical infrastructure are Year 2000 compliant.

Most important for our customers, MediaDNA has evaluated each of our products and, to date, believes that our products are Y2K-compliant. Although we believe that MediaDNA's products are Y2K-compliant, customers may experience system failure from third-party products that are not compliant or that are not designed to properly interface with MediaDNA products. (See Liability Disclaimer.)

MediaDNA continues to investigate each of its vendors, suppliers, financial service organizations, service providers and customers to confirm that MediaDNA's operations will not be materially adversely affected by the failure of any such third party to have Y2K-compliant computer programs.

Liability Disclaimer

The Year 2000 Compliance information contained in this web site is provided as a convenience for MediaDNA's customers to assist them in managing their Year 2000 issues. MediaDNA has provided this information in good faith and has made reasonable efforts to make the information as accurate and as up to date as possible. MediaDNA is not responsible for inaccuracies, omissions or errors in the information contained herein, and will not be liable for any damages resulting therefrom, including without limitation direct, indirect, or consequential damages, lost revenue, lost profits, or lost opportunity.

This information does not constitute a warranty or representation of any kind or extend the terms of any existing warranty or representation. MEDIADNA PROVIDES THIS INFORMATION AS-IS AND, EXCLUDES ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.)

The information contained in this web site may be changed or updated at any time without notice.

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