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Title: The Communicating Manager

Synopsis: The Communicating Manager is not your usual dry, how-to book on management and communication. It is a fun-to-read, engaging story that packs a real wallop. It recognizes the unique characteristics of independent-thinking EMTs and paramedics and the challenge of getting them to talk, listen and move all in the same direction. It also recognizes that each manager has an individual style, personality, situation and setting. Using a powerful story of an ordinary EMS manager that confronts his own struggle to hear and be heard, The Communicating Manager teaches powerful communication skills that are sure to enhance any manager's success. Entertaining and insightful, this book is the perfect way to jump-start or refine your communications skills and become more effective with your people. For additional publishing information, please call (858) 456-8600. communicating manager, listens, medics, management, EMS, practice, dam, Klabber, beaver, mountain, rig, business, listening, feeling, meeting, angry, questions, morning, ambulance, newspaper, conversation, shoulder, learning, sitting rock, staff meeting, language, fishing, blowing, accident, brother,

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doing better i don t keep photography i said reluctant launch stuff woman seat rock waited continue i told i d gotten last conversation i applied klabber wreck i told i d learned management style listening take responsibility seriously said people don t realize important listen judgment listen message words i don t disagree listening great i m sure leads listened i couldn t help let recent frustration show i listen day long hear crap i hear listens back listens back woman said probing better explain right guys hear understand words don t listen understanding woman demeanor 43 communicating manager shooting 46 answer interested management position last time opened i hire outside i suspect employees doing imagine like doing job thinking management i agree i continued difference makes good manager day makes good medic day sure i replied good day medic doesn t wash truck meetings gets go couple hot calls morning afternoon naps woman smiled description immediately cracked back good day manager listens ideas enthusiastically volunteers work complaints right time finished laughing relief felt good old woman point dead serious right money motivated 45 communicating manager daily basis different motivated employees i interested management i cool program customer service i seen idea management plan i see wrong i think i street i spoke language language motivation employees different see woman said excited isn t going exciting doesn t fit values communicate persuade presentation needs come understanding value brings back started last time communication listening i run problem i said getting stretch legs bottom line i m manager i m supposed run meetings tell stuff need know job job need know need going fit language make feel good talking communication probing questions woman photography gear stowed old rucksack munching granola bars started walking back cabin walked conversation lighter nature woman asked long i planned stay time actually i said talking shoulder i led i came get rid damn beavers saw aiming last time brother coming sunday re going blast open dam like woman commented right target i loved mountain fresh air surrounded nature animals woods asked i blowing dam 48 job get bunch lazy people stuff don t voice echoing trees i think re getting said rising stretching i m i protested frankly i m pretty tired managing people come work take advantage fact i t fire wrong angry words echoing back distant rock face standing woman said time right ll know language i need walk care join 47 communicating manager chapter 5 blowing dam ing path talking fact i ve coming mountain years i live full time i hope stay i m interested staying natural safe place wildlife think i m i replied puffing bit keep pace young person i m bothered lumbering going east side rv park ve put i don t mind people coming enjoy place start tearing 4 wheelers dirt bikes gets blood boiling glancing shoulder said isn t amazing woods wildlife great job taking care man isn t mess yeah 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persuasion takes place subtle ways built relationship convincing argument real persuasion motivates people action learning appeared lose shine monday morning desk piled papers reports needed attention i started checking email messages pager went going home 62 trait rare fix types ems old woman heard i come blow beaver dam i wonder i responded launched lecture preserving nature doubt defenses shot i closed minded medics customer service program preach day long price tea china drink coffee going matter i went mountain i wasn t worried decision blow dam old woman willing listen ask i cared able communicate persuade listening people opens closed minds bottom mountain getting freeway i stopped gas little mom pop place called stub market i don t know stub place run guy named harvey i ve friendly stopping talk weather i m getting gas groceries heading harvey asked d finished usual commentary need rain i m going i said nodding free 61 communicating manager wanting transports get paid don t need getting medical community i agree precisely customer service program technically crew correct type calls ruined public image i hung phone i wanted bash heads i wanted call crew make call family patient doctor make right i yelled loud profanity listen moment i closed eyes saw mind mountains trees sky reflecting glassy shine beaver pond going home 64 urgent message call dr bradley medical director bradley great guy like great promoter organization ve got problem bradley said tone voice made sensitive management hackles go family practice docs upset called morning claiming crews uncooperative talking patient house resulting unnecessary transport lot trouble i sucked count 10 breath listened story night crew called unknown medical found elderly home care patient distended bladder foley catheter wouldn t drain patient home care nurse wasn t reachable patient physician called house crew asked try irrigate catheter bringing patient hospital crew refused arguing wasn t protocols options offered signing patient transporting end patient transported er seen irrigated sent back home i know don t protocol urinary catheters makes look bad bradley said doc pissed mouthing 63 communicating manager rainy weekend months taken place i opened fat sunday newspaper bundle looking sports section large color photograph first page arts section caught eye familiar photo i whipped section rest paper couldn t believe eyes photo spectacular picture beaver pond downed trees blue sky neighboring mountains reflecting surface taken exact spot i first met old woman i quickly skimmed paper detail photos new showing work late ellen whiteman paper said i followed article jump pawed inside pages rest article small black white photo wide brimmed hat standing tripod camera epilogue 66 65 communicating manager epilogue 1 prepare listen understanding owning feelings 2 listen full attention distinguish facts situation medic feelings 3 demonstrate clear respect medic say 4 restate facts situation judgment i e don t mix facts feelings 5 acknowledge medic feelings i statements 6 listen words expression 7 don t blame threat lecture resort name calling sarcasm 8 engage medic resolving situation 9 state expectations consequences clearly 10 ask medic summarize conversation facts feelings resolution make sure interprets ten tips talking medics listen listening medics talk, com_emsbest_tcm_19991221, KnowledgeStor, Knowledge-Stor,