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Title: Secrets and security: knowledge and the confinement of adolescents

Synopsis: Adolescents in a psychiatric unit may go through periods of crisis. This paper analyses crises occurringat a psychiatric adolescent unit over a period of 4 months. These crises were found to have a circular pattern and each stage inthe crisis connected demands for security with demands for the passage of information. Four patterns of crisis were identified,named as ambivalent, avoidant, chaotic and rigid. In each crisis the transferred information was found to be descriptive of theadolescent's relationship with adults important in his or her life. Each crisis could be understood as an attempt to change theadolescent's relationship with these adults. adolescent, secret, crisis, adults, security, pattern, crises, demand, psychiatry, confinement, staff, stage, Goldberg, avoidant, mother, rigid, social relationships, disclosure, staff member, professionals, paper analyses, family meetings, second stage, community meeting, transferred information, circular pattern, surveillance, attachment behaviour, social process, physical security,

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