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Title: Ethnicity and adolescent deliberate self-harm

Synopsis: The characteristics of all adolescents referred to the psychiatric service of a tertiary hospitalfollowing an episode of deliberate self-harm (DSH) were studied. Of 100 adolescents selected over a 3-year period, 64 White and 28Black adolescents were compared to identify factors associated with DSH in Black adolescents. The main findings were: (1) thereferral rate for Black adolescents was in proportion to the community composition; (2) the characteristics of Black and Whiteadolescents referred following DSH were similar for background socio-demographic variables, psychiatric symptoms, circumstances ofthe attempt and outcome. However, more social stress was reported in the Black group. adolescents, DSH, psychiatry, self, referrals, ethnicity, self harm, deliberate self, social stress, Goddard, ethnic groups, community, findings, episode, Fombonne, Subotsky, proportion, West Indian, Child Psychology, background sociodemographic variables, composition, afro caribbean, self poisoning, depression, comparison, Professionals, representatives, ethnic groupings, local population, abnormal psychosocial situations,

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