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Title: Introduction: Identity development in context

Synopsis: Journal of Adolescence 1996 19 401 403 Introduction Identity development in context JEAN S PHINNEY AND LUC GOOSSENS Through the writings of Erik Erikson 1968 and James Marcia 1966 1980 identity has become... adolescence, context, interviews, psychology, Marcia, papers, identity formation, Archer, Kroger, York, Eds, interplay, interdependence, Perspectives, culture, contextual influences, Adams, ego identity, Sage, Grotevant, age period, adults, data collection, assign, self, Cross, symposium, Crouter, Crockett, Todt,

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psychology adelson j ed pp 159 187 new york wiley marcia j e waterman matteson d r archer l orlofsky j l 1993 ego identity handbook psychosocial research new york springer silbereisen r k todt e eds 1994 adolescence context interplay family school peers work adjustment new york springer, com_apnet_jado_jado_1996_0038, KnowledgeStor, Knowledge-Stor,