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Title: Adolescent machine gambling and crime

Synopsis: There is growing evidence that children and adolescents who gamble excessively on fruit machines mayengage themselves in stealing and commit other criminal offences to fund their habit yet there has been little evidence from thelegal professions themselves. The aim of the survey conducted was to see if there was any relationship between criminal activity(most notably theft) and gaming machine use. During a 1-year period, police officers in Plymouth (South West England) collectedinformation from 1851 juvenile offenders with whom they came into contact. The results revealed approximately 4% of juvenilecrime was associated with gaming machine use and the survey offers evidence that a minority of individuals commit crimes in orderto supplement their fruit machine playing. adolescents, gambling, police, survey, crime, juveniles, fruit machines, Griffiths, involvement, theft, gaming machine, parents, evidence, playing, offence, attention, age, offenders, commit, Lives, school, Fisher, report, first time offenders, family details Lives, criminal activity, stealing, money, mother, male,

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