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Title: Adolescents and young adults: a transition in the family

Synopsis: The paper presents a study of families with adolescents and young adults that focuses on family typology and microtransitions occurring during the period. The sample consisted of 762 families with adolescent and young adults (16 to 24 years). Olson's FACES III was administered to the whole family and the results analysed (ANOVA) to evaluate the importance of gender and age in determining cohesion and capability levels, family satisfaction, i.e. the discrepancy between perceived and ideal family cohesion and adaptability (satisfaction/dissatisfaction) during microtransitions occurring in this stage of the family life-cycle. The relevance of two sub-phases—high-school and the end of university—is shown. Copyright 1995, 1999 Academic Press adolescents, young, adults, transition, family, paper, presents, study, families, adolescents, young, adults, focuses, family, typology, microtransitions, occurring, period, sample, consisted, 762, families, adolescent, young, adults, 16, 24, years, olson, faces, iii, administered, family, results, analysed, anova, evaluate, importance, gender, age, determining, cohesion, capability, levels, family, satisfaction, i, e, discrepancy, perceived, ideal, family, cohesion, adaptability, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, microtransitions, occurring, stage, family, life-cycle, relevance, two, sub-phases&mdash, high-school, end, university&mdash, shown, copyright, 1995, 1999, academic, press,

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