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Title: Coping strategies among adolescents: a cross-cultural study

Synopsis: The influence of culture on coping behaviour of youngsters was studied across different types of anxiety-provoking situations. A situation-reaction inventory, in which the situational scale describes the most frequent threats and negative emotion-provoking life events of late adolescent boys and girls, was applied. The reaction scales of the inventory measured anxiety intensity and coping strategies (assimilative, accommodative and avoidance). Subjects were 17-18-years-old Indian, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish and Yemenite boys ( n = 349) and girls ( n = 372). Consistent results in all cultures and for both sexes showed that adolecents at low and medium anxiety level employed constructive and assimilative ways of coping, whereas at high anxiety level they used avoidance. Across cultures girls reported significantly more accommodative, emotion-focused solutions than boys, whereas boys significantly more often mentioned problem-focused or assimilative strategies. Adolescents in European countries more frequently reported assimilative coping strategies than boys and girls in India and in Yemen, who preferred emotion-focused solutions. Results confirmed that culture as a general background forms the learning of different coping styles in the case of adolescents. However, concrete experiences in connection with the special stressors seem to influence the choice of coping strategies more effectively. Copyright 1995, 1999 Academic Press coping, strategies, adolescents, cross-cultural, study, influence, culture, coping, behaviour, youngsters, studied, different, types, anxiety-provoking, situations, situation-reaction, inventory, situational, scale, describes, frequent, threats, negative, emotion-provoking, life, events, late, adolescent, boys, girls, applied, reaction, scales, inventory, measured, anxiety, intensity, coping, strategies, assimilative, accommodative, avoidance, subjects, 17-18-years-old, indian, italian, hungarian, swedish, yemenite, boys, n, 349, girls, n, 372, consistent, results, cultures, sexes, showed, adolecents, low, medium, anxiety, level, employed, constructive, assimilative, ways, coping, high, anxiety, level, avoidance, cultures, girls, reported, significantly, accommodative, emotion-focused, solutions, boys, boys, significantly, mentioned, problem-focused, assimilative, strategies, adolescents, european, countries, frequently, reported, assimilative, coping, strategies, boys, girls, india, yemen, preferred, emotion-focused, solutions, results, confirmed, culture, general, background, forms, learning, different, coping, styles, case, adolescents, concrete, experiences, connection, special, stressors, influence, choice, coping, strategies, effectively, copyright, 1995, 1999, academic, press,

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