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Title: Determinants of safer sex patterns among gay/bisexual male adolescents

Synopsis: The cognitive-behavioral (health-belief, social cognitive, peer support), risk-taking, and stress/coping models were examined as predictors of safer sex practices among (141 gay and bisexual male adolescents seeking services at a gay-identified social service agency. Safer sex practices, defined as abstinence or 100% consistent condom use during oral and anal sex, were practised by 47% of youths; 24% used condoms only during anal sex, and 27% did not use condoms consistently for either oral or anal sex. Components of the health-belief, self-efficacy theories, and emotional distress models were associated with safer sex practices; peer support was not. This suggests that prevention programs for gay/bisexual youths should continue to address beliefs about susceptibility to HIV infection and to enhance youths' abilities to cope with anxious moods. Copyright 1995, 1999 Academic Press determinants, safer, sex, patterns, gay, bisexual, male, adolescents, cognitive-behavioral, health-belief, social, cognitive, peer, support, risk-taking, stress, coping, models, examined, predictors, safer, sex, practices, 141, gay, bisexual, male, adolescents, seeking, services, gay-identified, social, service, agency, safer, sex, practices, defined, abstinence, 100%, consistent, condom, oral, anal, sex, practised, 47%, youths, 24%, condoms, anal, sex, 27%, condoms, consistently, oral, anal, sex, components, health-belief, self-efficacy, theories, emotional, distress, models, associated, safer, sex, practices, peer, support, suggests, prevention, programs, gay, bisexual, youths, continue, address, beliefs, susceptibility, hiv, infection, enhance, youths, abilities, cope, anxious, moods, copyright, 1995, 1999, academic, press,

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