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Title: Self-esteem, depression and hostility in Irish adolescents

Synopsis: A sample ( n = 464) of school attending adolescents (age 123-16-years-old) were examined using self-report questionnaires (GHQ, Coopersmith, Birleson and HDHQ). They attended secondary schools representing middle and upper socio-economic groups and equal numbers were chosen from urban and rural locations. Comparisons were made between male and female from both urban and rural groups. The females from the rural setting were found to suffer significantly more depressive symptomatology (22%) and poor self-esteem (68%) than the remaining sample. Hostility was detected more in males from either location, directed in an extrapunitive manner demonstrating higher degrees of criticism of others and stronger urges to act out this hostility. The possible clinical relevance is discussed and suggestions regarding further work in this area are outlined. Copyright 1994, 1999 Academic Press self-esteem, depression, hostility, irish, adolescents, sample, n, 464, school, attending, adolescents, age, 123-16-years-old, examined, self-report, questionnaires, ghq, coopersmith, birleson, hdhq, attended, secondary, schools, representing, middle, upper, socio-economic, groups, equal, numbers, chosen, urban, rural, locations, comparisons, made, male, female, urban, rural, groups, females, rural, setting, found, suffer, significantly, depressive, symptomatology, 22%, poor, self-esteem, 68%, remaining, sample, hostility, detected, males, location, directed, extrapunitive, manner, demonstrating, higher, degrees, criticism, stronger, urges, act, hostility, possible, clinical, relevance, discussed, suggestions, regarding, work, area, outlined, copyright, 1994, 1999, academic, press,

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