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Title: Family of origin, personality, and self-reported delinquency

Synopsis: This study examined the joint effects of perceptions of family functioning, venturesomeness, anger, and Eysenckian psychoticism (P) on adolescent violence and vandalism/theft. Respondents were 282 Australian 14-year-olds (146 females; 136 males). Results indicated that adolescents' perceptions of family as well as their venturesomeness and anger were differentially related to violence and vandalism/theft for both males and females. In addition, P tended to act as a mediator or indirect channel for family perceptions, as well as having additive effects with venturesomeness on delinquency. Other effects were also noted. The results are discussed with reference to previous findings which have linked family process and personality to delinquency. Copyright 1994, 1999 Academic Press family, origin, personality, self-reported, delinquency, study, examined, joint, effects, perceptions, family, functioning, venturesomeness, anger, eysenckian, psychoticism, p, adolescent, violence, vandalism, theft, respondents, 282, australian, 14-year-olds, 146, females, 136, males, results, indicated, adolescents, perceptions, family, venturesomeness, anger, differentially, related, violence, vandalism, theft, males, females, addition, p, tended, act, mediator, indirect, channel, family, perceptions, additive, effects, venturesomeness, delinquency, effects, noted, results, discussed, reference, previous, findings, linked, family, process, personality, delinquency, copyright, 1994, 1999, academic, press,

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