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Title: Adolescent mothers' adjustment to parenting

Synopsis: This study examined adolescent mothers' adjustment to parenting, self-esteem, social support, and perceptions of baby. Subjects ( n = 52) responded to questionnaires in program settings at two time periods approximately six months apart. Time 1: adolescents were either pregnant or parenting (Mean age = 1702 years); Time 2: subjects were parents (Mean age = 1752 years). Mothers with higher self-esteem at Time 1 had better adjustment at Time 2. Adjustment was predicted by Time 2 variables ( R 2 = 034); contact with baby's father ( p <001) was the significant predictor while self-esteem added to predictiveness ( p <001 level). Data indicated that self-esteem and support, especially from the baby's father, enhances adjustment to parenting. Copyright 1994, 1999 Academic Press adolescent, mothers, adjustment, parenting, study, examined, adolescent, mothers, adjustment, parenting, self-esteem, social, support, perceptions, baby, subjects, n, 52, responded, questionnaires, program, settings, two, time, periods, approximately, six, months, apart, time, 1, adolescents, pregnant, parenting, mean, age, 1702, years, time, 2, subjects, parents, mean, age, 1752, years, mothers, higher, self-esteem, time, 1, better, adjustment, time, 2, adjustment, predicted, time, 2, variables, r, 2, 034, contact, baby, father, p, 001, significant, predictor, self-esteem, added, predictiveness, p, 001, level, data, indicated, self-esteem, support, baby, father, enhances, adjustment, parenting, copyright, 1994, 1999, academic, press,

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