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Title: The patterning of life events in mid- to late adolescence: markers for the future?

Synopsis: This paper examines how life events in adolescence are patterned according to sex and socio-economic status, using three sweeps of data from a cohort of young people when they were aged 15, 16 and 18. With regard to sex, events reported tended to conform to gender stereotypes. Rather than showing consistency in categories of events experienced by males in comparison with females, the pattern altered with age. There were strikingly few differences in the distribution of events according to social class of background, apart from those reflecting the link between parental class and own career trajectory. In contrast, there was a strong pattern in respect of own labour market position at 18 years. At age 15, those heading for tertiary education reported fewest events categorized as undesirable, independent and rare, the future non- or unemployed reported most and those heading for work or training occupied a middle position. Similar results in respect of current labour market position occurred at 18 years, even when events dependent on educational or occupational status at that age were eliminated from the analysis. Life events mid-adolescence are both markers of, and influences on, future career trajectories. Copyright 1994, 1999 Academic Press patterning, life, events, mid-, late, adolescence, markers, future, paper, examines, life, events, adolescence, patterned, sex, socio-economic, status, three, sweeps, data, cohort, young, people, aged, 15, 16, 18, regard, sex, events, reported, tended, conform, gender, stereotypes, showing, consistency, categories, events, experienced, males, comparison, females, pattern, altered, age, strikingly, differences, distribution, events, social, class, background, apart, reflecting, link, parental, class, career, trajectory, contrast, strong, pattern, respect, labour, market, position, 18, years, age, 15, heading, tertiary, education, reported, fewest, events, categorized, undesirable, independent, rare, future, non-, unemployed, reported, heading, work, training, occupied, middle, position, results, respect, current, labour, market, position, occurred, 18, years, events, dependent, educational, occupational, status, age, eliminated, analysis, life, events, mid-adolescence, markers, influences, future, career, trajectories, copyright, 1994, 1999, academic, press,

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