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Title: Mental health and help-seeking among ethnic minority adolescents

Synopsis: Survey data are reported on the mental health status and professional help-seeking behavior of adolescents predominantly representing a sample of lower SES, ethnic minority backgrounds. Contrary to popular stereotypes, the sample's mental health status was found to be similar to findings from samples from non-minority backgrounds. Despite evident need for help, respondents indicated low utilization of services. Among those who did use professional help, school-based sources and medical personnel were used most often. Of factors examined as potential predictors of help-seeking, cognitive—affective factors were accounted for a small, yet significant amount of the variance. The findings highlight the importance of studying within-group differences to avoid perpetuating incorrect generalizations related to persons from low SES and ethnic minority backgrounds. Copyright 1994, 1999 Academic Press mental, health, help-seeking, ethnic, minority, adolescents, survey, data, reported, mental, health, status, professional, help-seeking, behavior, adolescents, predominantly, representing, sample, lower, ses, ethnic, minority, backgrounds, contrary, popular, stereotypes, sample, mental, health, status, found, findings, samples, non-minority, backgrounds, despite, evident, need, help, respondents, indicated, low, utilization, services, professional, help, school-based, sources, medical, personnel, factors, examined, potential, predictors, help-seeking, cognitive&mdash, affective, factors, accounted, small, significant, amount, variance, findings, highlight, importance, studying, within-group, differences, avoid, perpetuating, incorrect, generalizations, related, persons, low, ses, ethnic, minority, backgrounds, copyright, 1994, 1999, academic, press,

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