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Title: Social and family factors in adolescent psychiatry

Synopsis: A retrospective analysis of referrals to a regional adolescent psychiatric service over two years was conducted, focusing on selected social and family variables, to identify areas of potential unmet need and the relationship between these factors and clinical variables. Social and family disadvantage was well represented in our patients, but few were over the age of 17 and fewer from ethnic minority backgrounds. Associations between social, family factors, diagnostic and treatment variables are presented and their implications discussed. Copyright 1993, 1999 Academic Press social, family, factors, adolescent, psychiatry, retrospective, analysis, referrals, regional, adolescent, psychiatric, service, two, years, conducted, focusing, selected, social, family, variables, identify, areas, potential, unmet, need, relationship, factors, clinical, variables, social, family, disadvantage, represented, patients, age, 17, ethnic, minority, backgrounds, associations, social, family, factors, diagnostic, treatment, variables, presented, implications, discussed, copyright, 1993, 1999, academic, press,

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