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Why Sell Your Content at KnowledgeStor?

Today, the publishing community faces the ever-growing challengeof effectively marketing and delivering valuable content in a secure digital environment. A Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution allows you to expand your market share globally while effectively managing distribution and receipt of payments.

While several business models exist for digital distribution, they lack the key elements of success. Some business models lock this content behind passwords and corporate firewalls, making it virtually impossible to browse the libraries from search engines; other sites make content easily searchable, but lack any security or protection for the copyright holder.

The Solution

Since 1998, KnowledgeStor has provided a premium content library powered by MediaDNA DRM technology. KnowledgeStor offers unparalleled copyright protection, distribution management and patented technology for vastly enhanced content searchability. Our service provides a safe, robust environment that creates new business opportunities, tracks consumption of content and manages back office operations.

KnowledgeStor highlights -

  • Unlimited usage rules
  • Usage auditing
  • Dramatically increased search engine rankings
  • Targeted Internet marketing
  • Transaction processing
  • Multiple format support
  • Conversion capabilities

Getting Started

KnowledgeStor provides you with all the amenities required to successfully conduct e-commerce. Because we offer a turnkey solution that supports multiple formats, publishing your valuable content at KnowledgeStor is incredibly easy.

For more information on how to get started selling your valuable content at KnowledgeStor, please contact our Sales Department:

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