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What is MediaCenter?

The open architecture design of the World Wide Web allows for an almost unlimited exchange of digital content. Digital content can be easily reproduced and transferred without compromising the original integrity of the work -- ideal  for the information consumer, but what about the publishers of the content? This open architecture presents new opportunities to pirate copyrighted material, which makes publishers less likely to make their premium quality content available. Enter MediaCenter.

MediaCenter is MediaDNA™ patented software technology that effectively protects, manages, and controls the distribution and usage of digital content. It is also the software application that allows the KnowledgeStor to keep track of your purchased articles and provide you with detailed information regarding your account. MediaCenter technology gives publishers confidence that their content will not be misused, and it gives you access to content that might otherwise be unavailable.

How does MediaCenter protect digital content?

To understand how MediaCenter protects content, we must take a moment to discuss publishers and contracts.  Publishers impose specific rules regarding the use of their content. For example, whereas one publisher lets you view a document, another publisher may let you copy and print a document. This set of rules is referred to as a contract. The contract may constitute an infinite number of rules that determine, among other things, how, by whom, and under what conditions the content can be used. As you can imagine, the contract can become very complex. MediaCenter interprets the contract and ensures that each rule is enforced when access to the content is requested.

I would like to know more about MediaCenter.

If you have questions regarding MediaCenter technology, please contact us at [email protected].

How do I manage MediaCenter?

mediacenteroriginal.gif (1159 bytes) When MediaCenter is running, a new icon will be displayed in the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar. Click the MediaCenter icon to display the following menu options:

systemtray.gif (2817 bytes)


Menu Option Description
More on the Web Click to access links to the web.
About... Click to display MediaCenter version information.
Exit MediaCenter Click to exit the MediaCenter application.
If you use MediaCenter frequently, for efficient operation, it is recommended you do not exit MediaCenter.

If you exit MediaCenter, as soon as you select an article, MediaCenter will start.
KnowledgeStor Click to access the KnowledgeStor home page.
View Account Status Click to access detailed account information.
Send Feedback Click to access our Contact Us page, which lets you conveniently send us your questions and comments.
Help Click to access help on MediaCenter.
Check for Upgrade Click to find out the latest MediaCenter upgrade information.


How do I uninstall MediaCenter?
  1. It is recommended you close all applications because you will be asked to log off.
  2. Click the MediaCenter icon that appears in the Windows taskbar. If the icon does not appear in the taskbar, proceed to Step 5.
  3. Click Exit MediaCenter.
  4. Click OK to shut down MediaCenter.
  5. Click the Start button in the Windows taskbar.
  6. Click Programs > MediaCenter > Uninstall MediaCenter.
  7. Click Yes to uninstall MediaCenter.
  8. Click Yes to log off, which completes the uninstall program.

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