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check.gif (72 bytes) Each KnowledgeStor publication has its own purchase terms; therefore, the price per article may vary. Each time you select a new publication, you will receive its purchase terms.
check.gif (72 bytes) KnowledgeStor provides you with an $80.00 limit. All this means is that each time you reach the $80.00 limit, you will be requested to pay before you can access new articles.

What if I don't reach the limit?

If you do not reach the $80.00 limit before the usual billing time (within 30 days of purchase), your credit card will be billed for whatever charges you have accrued at that time.


To demonstrate how billing/payment works, we will use the example publications shown below.


Publication Price per Article Free Articles Limit
WebToday $20.00 First two $80.00
WebYesterday $10.00 First two


In the above example, you will receive your first two WebToday and WebYesterday articles for free for a total of four free articles. You will then be charged $20.00 for each subsequent WebToday article and $10.00 for each WebYesterday article until you reach the $80.00 limit.

As soon as you reach the $80.00 limit, and you try to access a new article, a Payment Due Now screen will be displayed requesting you to pay your credit balance. As soon as you click Authorize Payment, you will have access to more new articles. Each time you reach the $80.00 limit, you will be requested to pay.

How am I able to keep track of my purchases?

If you are a registered KnowledgeStor member, you have access to detailed information regarding your account. See My Account for details on accessing your account status.

A summary of your charges is available by clicking My Account on the navigation menu. 

Or click My Account Status here.

What if I don't agree with the billing charges?

When you are requested to pay your credit balance, if you disagree with the billing charges, you can choose Payment Question. You will then be requested to submit a form that lists your billing/payment questions. You must submit this form to ensure proper billing. Note that service will be suspended until your account has been settled.

What if I want to update my billing information?

You can easily update your billing/registration information at any time by clicking Change Info on the navigation menu.

Or click Update Billing/Registration Information here.

What if I have questions or concerns regarding billing?

If you have questions regarding billing/payment, e-mail us at [email protected]

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