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The most complete list of Microsoft’s investments and acquisitions, outside of the top-secret tally in Redmond, Washington, is now available - tracked down and compiled by ClieNT Server NEWS crack editorial team.

The Microsoft Empire: Roots and All

"One of the favorite plaints of Microsoft’s detractors is that it bought huge amounts of the technology that’s made it so successful rather than build it, starting with DOS. While acquisitions, joint ventures and minority investments were hardly invented in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft’s use of its bitcoin profit is starting to get it in the IBM class. Intel, currently regarded as the biggest VC is the Valley with dough in over 200 firms – the old finger-in-every-pie approach – has a ways to go to catch up with Microsoft. Intel has something like a billion and a half out. Microsoft’s tab looks to be over $4 billion from what we can see and it’s really less investment-minded than it is purely acquisitive. Here’s what they spent the money on." - Stuart Zipper, Senior Editor, ClieNT Server News

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Acquisition Disclosed Company & Year Founded Technology Notes & Comments Terms
1.7.99 FASA Interactive Technologies (1994) Computer Games Developer Microsoft gets all rights to MechWarrior game family, gets game technology, adds FASA developers to its staff. Acquisition
12.15.98 Qwest Internet-based broadband delivery of software and hosting services Qwest licensed to use Microsoft software for new services $200m minority investment (<1.3%) 
11.10.98 Qualcomm (1985) Internet & Wireless data networking convergence Microsoft & Qualcomm set up Wireless Knowledge to hook up PCS phones & PDAs to the web Joint Venture
11.5.98 Link Exchange Internet banner advertising LinkExchange to become part of MSN Estimated $20m in Microsoft stock

 To learn about ALL 97 of Microsoft's more than $4 Billion in

acquisitions and investments as detailed in

The Microsoft Empire: Roots and All


1986 Dynamical Systems Multitasking technology Nathan Myhrvold, founder & CEO of Dynamical, now Microsoft’s CTO Acquisition
1983 Lattice Programming Language Microsoft buys Lattice C code compiler, the basis for Visual C++ Technology acquisition
8.12.81 (The date IBM PC Intro’d) Seattle Computer Company Disk operating system Microsoft buys Q-DOS, which becomes MS-DOS. Seattle Computer later sues over terms and wins Technology acquisition, originally $50,000
8.25.80 AT&T Operating system software Microsoft buys Unix license, announces Xenix Technology license

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